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How Can I Be Of Service?

Adult Individual Counseling

We have experience working with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, Adjustment, stress, grief and loss, trauma, along with others . Sessions are typically 50 minutes long, but can vary depending on client’s preference or need. Typically, clients are seen weekly or biweekly. A range of modalities are used, depending on the needs of clients. We believe in working with the client to find the modality that works best for them, including but not limited to mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and others.

Adolescent Individual Therapy

Teenagers get a bad rap. It is a time of impulsiveness, risk taking behavior, judgement-impaired decisions, oppositional behavior, big feelings and a lot of confusion. This can be difficult of course, but the reason behind it is so amazing! Their brain is growing and making important new connections. The corpus collosum (connecting the right and left brain to work together) develops greatly during this time. The prefrontal cortex (emotional control, impulse restraint and rational decision-making come from this part of your brain) goes through a huge “growth spurt” between the ages of 12 and 20. An adolescent brain has a functioning limbic system (emotion center that deals with rage and anger). When you look at Adolescents this way, you can see that their brain is identifying rage, anger and danger, but it’s unable to process what this means or how to rationally handle this. They can feel the anger, but they can’t rationalize what it is! It’s pretty incredible to imagine all of this work and development happening! Each experience is an opportunity for adolescents to learn about themselves and the world. Impulsiveness and risk-taking are important in adolescents learning who they are. Guidance for parents and adolescents during this time can be extremely beneficial. It is such a gift to allow adolescents to have an independent space away from their family to learn how to identify and use these emotions and experiences in a positive way. We hold a special space for adolescents. Sometimes this is a quiet office/web meeting, sometimes it is filled with sand or art, crying or playing games, learning about our brain, or practicing coping strategies and communication skills. We work with each client individually to find the modality that works best for them.

Child Individual Therapy

We are trained in Synergetic Play and Art/Sant Therapy and has had great success working with children as young as 3. In order for a child to succeed in therapy, it is important to speak their language. Children don’t always have the ability, or the language to express their feelings (literally, their brain is not developed to do this yet). Children express their emotions through their behavior. Children and adolescents learn new things every day; how to ride a bike, play with friends, and write their name. They also need to learn how to identify, name and manage their emotions, both good and bad, in a positive and healthy way. Many times, they don’t understand what those feelings are, why they are having them, or if they are ok. In order to learn, children observe others reactions and express themselves through play/art. During play, children create experiences and initiate experiences that resemble those they are experiencing in their lives. Using play in therapy helps children learn the best way to work through these life challenges, the same way they watch another child use a slide on the playground. It is amazing to watch a child observe a new skill, then use it successfully in their own world. In addition to working with children in their own “language”, we believe involving the entire family unit is important. We work with parents to practice co-regulation to work with their child(ren) to model identifying emotions and healthy coping strategies. We use a protocol from Ana Gomez, developed by Elan Shapiro (G-PEP), which involves EMDR, parent training and education.

Family Therapy/Parental support

“Nobody prepared me for how difficult parenting was going to be”, says almost every parent ever! There is no guidebook for parenting and nothing is ever black and white. Starting from day one, parents are faced with responsibilities, decisions and challenges that are often stressful and scary. Relationship dynamics shift and situations from childhood tend to arise. It is ok for this to be difficult. Guidance and support during this time is extremely beneficial for the entire family. We focus on helping with the attachment between caregiver and child and helping parents with the many emotions faced when becoming a new parent. And it doesn’t stop when that baby grows into a kid, then tween, then teen, then adult! You will always be a parent, and each stage brings excitement, confusion, stress and grief as you let go of more and more responsibility. We hope to provide guidance and support through one of the most incredible and stressful times in your life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an excellent option for many who may not be interested in individual therapy. Group topics change depending on need. Groups will last for approximately 6 weeks and each session is 50 minutes. There are 3-6 participants in each group. If you are interested in joining a group, please email me at liz@happinestcounseling.com or call 303-335-0362 and we can discuss if this group might be a good fit for your needs.

Fees & Payment

20 minute consult: Free

Child/Adult session (45 minutes): $120

Family/child/adult sessions (50 minutes): $160

Insurance accepted: Kaiser, Beacon, Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, United, Blue Shield Blue Cross

Sliding scale available